Recommended skill set and trainings

To perform the container-based deployment of BMC Helix IT Operations Management, you must be proficient with the following technologies and skills:

Technologies used to deploy BMC Helix IT Operations Management suite

The following technologies are used to set up BMC Helix IT Operations Management:




Block storage

Block storage is a technology that controls data storage. It takes data, such as a file or database, and divides it into blocks of equal sizes.

What is block storage? Open link


Docker is a software framework for managing containers. It is used to build container images.

Docker Documentation Open link


BMC Helix IT Operations Management leverages the containerized microservices architecture to combine the broad capabilities across monitoring and event management. Using containerization helps in fast deployment, upgrades, elastic scalability, and performance.

Containers are units of software that have everything you need to run a workload or process.  

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During the BMC Helix IT Operations Management on-premises installation, the deployment manager deploys the software inside the Kubernetes cluster. 

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management.

Kubernetes Documentation Open link


OpenShift is an open-source Kubernetes platform by RedHat where you can run containerized applications and workloads.

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NGINX Ingress Controller

The ingress controller is a load balancer for Kubernetes environments. NGINX Ingress Controller is a specialized load balancer that is used for containerized environments. It provides services like SSL termination, Layer 7 routing, and load balancing. 

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Load Balancer (External Load Balancer)

Load Balancer is a proxy application that lets all the client requests get distributed to the backend servers within the Kubernetes cluster. It makes sure that there is optimal utilization of the backend applications, and that no node in the cluster is getting overloaded. 

Load Balancer Documentation Open link

Harbor registry

Container images required for installing the products are located at BMC DTR. You can synchronize the container images to a local container repository and configure the deployment pipeline to use the container images from the local repository.

Harbor registry is a cloud native registry. You can store and pull container images stored in a Harbor registry. It is designed to check container images for security vulnerabilities and has additional features like role-based authentication and allows you to upload and store helm charts. 

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Linux shell scripts are used to set the deployment and upgrading of BMC Helix IT Operations Management.

Linux is an open-source operating system. It is widely used for server management. Users can interact with the Linux operating system by using the Linux commands. Linux shell is an interpreter which acts as an interface between the user and the Linux kernel.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Documentation Open link

Recommended skills 

BMC recommends that you have the following knowledge and skills to successfully install BMC Helix IT Operations Management:

Tools / Technology



Docker commands

Using the Docker commands, you can perform various operations like build a Docker image, run a docker container and so on

Docker Commands Open link


Kubectl is the Kubernetes command-line utility. It is a tool which connects with the Kubernetes server and runs commands against a Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes Commands Open link

HelmHelm is the package manager used to deploy applications in Kubernetes.

Helm Documentation Open link

SSL certificateSecure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol that creates a secure communication channel. 

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Recommended trainings

We recommend that you complete the following trainings:



BMC Helix IT Operations Management deployment

Linux commands

Linux commands Open link

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