Deployment overview

We provision the deployment artifacts, such as the Deployment Manager and the container images. You must download the Deployment Manager and the token to access container images from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution ( EPD Open link ) site. The container images are hosted on BMC Docker Trusted Registry (DTR), available at You can only access the containers for which you are licensed. Use the token in the container-token.bmc file that you downloaded from EPD to access the container images. 

As a system administrator, use the deployment artifacts to deploy BMC Helix IT Operations Management (BMC Helix ITOM) in your on-premises environment. 

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The following image shows the components that are installed when you install BMC Helix ITOM:

Benefits of container deployment

  • Reduces the cost of deployment and management
  • Consumes fewer resources and containers are lightweight
  • Enables the use of Helix services on-premises when you cannot use a public cloud
  • Improves security by isolating applications from the host and other applications
  • Scales easily to meet the changing demands of your business
  • Provides better efficiency than virtual machines with fast start up and better performance

BMC has developed a Health Check Tool that you can use to ease the deployment process. For more information, see Open link .

Product roles and permissions

BMC Helix ITOM deployment aims at simplifying the on-premises deployment process performed by the roles described in the following image:

Deployment of BMC Helix IT Operations Management

The Deployment Manager installs multiple applications along with the services and the data lake required to run the applications. You must use the following scripts located at helix-on-prem-deployment-manager/config/ to specify the parameters required for the deployment of BMC Helix ITOM:

  • infra.config - Use this file to specify the infrastructure details.
  • deployment.config - Based on your business requirements and license entitlement, use this file to specify the applications that you want to install.


Installing BMC Discovery is a prerequisite for BMC Helix IT Operations Management . BMC Discovery is a virtual appliance that will be utilized for dynamic service models and to store topology information about data centers that will be monitored. 

Upgrade of BMC Helix IT Operations Management

You can upgrade BMC Helix ITOM from version 22.2.01, 22.4, and 23.1.02 to 23.2.02.  It includes the upgrade of the BMC Helix Platform Common Services and applications.

The following image gives you a high-level overview of the BMC Helix ITOM upgrade process:

To upgrade BMC Helix ITOM from version 22.4 to 23.2.02

To upgrade BMC Helix ITOM from version 22.2.01 to 23.2.02

Documentation overview

System Administrator


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