Data backup and restoration

Data backup is essential to any business and a prerequisite for disaster recovery. It is the process of copying data from a source to a destination. Data copied to the destination is used to restore the original data at the source if the original data gets destroyed or corrupted.

BMC Helix IT Operations Management supports backup and restoration for the following infrastructure services:

  • Elasticsearch 
  • VictoriaMetrics 
  • PostgreSQL database

Along with MinIO, you need the disaster recovery utility to back up and restore data. The MinIO and the disaster recovery utility are provided along with the installer and are located at helix-on-prem-deployment-manager/utilities/disaster-recovery.

You must run the disaster recovery utility with the backup option to backup data and with the restore option to restore data. You can configure the backup method (incremental or full backup), the backup frequency, and the data retention period. 

To configure data backup and restoration, see Configuring data backup and restoration.

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