23.2.02 enhancements and patches

Review the BMC Helix IT Operations Management (BMC Helix ITOM) enhancements made available during the 23.2.02 version for features that will benefit your organization.

VersionOn premisesUpdates and enhancement
23.2.02(tick)Updates in 23.2.02 

Updates in 23.2.02 

Upgrade configuration utility picks up configuration from the previous deployment

Use the upgrade configuration utility to simplify the process of updating the infra.config, deployment.config, and secrets.txt files while upgrading from the earlier versions (22.2.01, 22.4, or 23.1.02 ) of BMC Helix ITOM to the current version.

The utility uses the values from the latest successful deployment of BMC Helix ITOMto configure the infra.config, deployment.config, and secrets.txt files. It lists the infra.config file parameters whose names have been modified in the current release and updates their values automatically.
The utility also lists the infra.config file parameters that were added in the current release. You must manually enter the values for the new configuration parameters in the infra.config file.

For more information, see Using the upgrade configuration utility.

 Changes made to the infra.config file and deployment.config files

The following parameters have been removed from the 23.2.02 release of BMC Helix ITOM:


No new parameters were added in this release.

For more information, see Configuration file settings.

BMC Helix ITOM supports Kubernetes version 1.25 in the restricted mode

BMC Helix ITOM supports Kubernetes version 1.25 in the restricted pod security standard for the namespace where it is being deployed. 
However, if you are using both BMC Helix IT Operations Management and BMC Helix IT Service Management with Kubernetes version 1.25, make sure that you use the baseline pod security standard for the namespace where it is being deployed.
For more information about Pod security standards, refer to https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/security/pod-security-standards/ .

BMC Helix Logging is not available in this version of BMC Helix ITOM 

BMC Helix Logging is not available if you install BMC Helix ITOM version 23.2.02 or upgrade to BMC Helix ITOM 23.2.02 from an earlier version.
For an alternate method to view logs, see Why is Helix Logging not available in ITOM Deployment version 23.2.02? Open link .

In the previous releases of BMC Helix ITOM, BMC Helix Logging was used to collect logs. It used Elasticsearch, Fluent Bit, and Kibana (EFK) to collect, store, and view logs.

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