Obtaining the Installation System image by using physical media

The physical media method uploads the Installation System image from the physical media to your mainframe. Use the following procedure to use physical media:
  1. Copy the uploadfiles.txt file from the media to your workstation.
  2. Update the following variables in the uploadfiles.txt file:


    Remove the angle brackets (< >) from around the variables when you update them.




    Domain name server (DNS) host name for your mainframe subsystem


    Your mainframe user ID


    Your mainframe password


    High-level qualifier for data set naming

    The HLQ is 1 to 26 characters, and it must adhere to your system’s standards.

    The HLQ that you specify will be used in subsequent jobs.

    unit 1

    (optional) Unit

    volume 1

    (optional) Volume

    smsStorageClass 1

    (optional) SMS storage class

    smsManagementClass 1

    (optional) SMS management class

    smsDataClass 1

    (optional) SMS data class

    1 Delete the line if you do not use the variable.

  3. Open a command prompt.

    For example, in Windows 10, click the Start menu, type command prompt, and click Command Prompt.

  4. Change to the drive that contains the media.

    For example, if your DVD reader is designated as drive D, type d:.

  5. Change to the ga directory.
  6. Execute the following command to transfer the image to your mainframe:

    ftp -n -s:'myPath/uploadfiles.txt'


    This command is case sensitive. Update myPath with the path where you saved the uploadfiles.txt file.

    If an error occurs, the following items are common causes:

    • The quotation marks are missing.
    • If you copied and pasted the command, the dashes in front of n and s can be misinterpreted. Type the dashes manually.
  7. Continue to Decompressing the Installation System image.

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