Obtaining the Installation System image by using a web browser

The web browser method downloads the Installation System image from the BMC Electronic Software Distribution File Transfer Protocol (BMC ESD FTP) site. It then uploads the image to your mainframe. Use the following procedure to obtain the Installation System image by using a web browser:
  1. Using a web browser, go to the ESD site .
    When prompted, provide the BMC ESD FTP site user ID and password. Obtain these from the Installation System web page . A BMC Support Central logon credentials are required to access this information.
  2. Download the most recent version of the Installation System image file (bmcozi-vvrmm-image.bin) and the decompression job (inst_dcmp_sample_jcl.txt).
    To determine the version number (vrmm), see the most recent Installation System release notes on any product page on Support Central .
  3. Copy the downloaded files to your mainframe by using the transfer program of your choice.
    The following guidelines apply:
    • The transfer must be binary.
    • The data sets on the mainframe must be a fixed block 80 sequential file.
    • The block size must be 6160.
    • The primary allocation must be set to 27 cylinders, and the secondary allocation must be set to 2 cylinders.
  4. Continue to Decompressing the Installation System image.

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