After becoming familiar with the Installation System and planning for the installation, you are ready to perform an installation. An installation consists of the installation process and the configuration process.

The following figure depicts the flow of the installation process. For more information, use the links in the table below the figure.

ItemMore information
Review installation requirementsReview installation requirements
Define programs to CA ACF2CA ACF2 usage
Obtaining the Installation System
Obtain the Installation SystemObtaining the Installation System
Obtain the Installation System imageMethods for obtaining the Installation System image
Decompress the Installation System imageDecompressing the Installation System image
Starting the installation
Start an installationStarting an installation
Start the Installation SystemStarting the Installation System
Prepare the installation repositoryPreparing the Installation System repository
Define site-wide installation valuesDefining or modifying site-wide default values
Create or select a projectCreating and selecting a project
Generating the installation jobs
Generate the installation jobsGenerating installation jobs
Select products to installSelecting products to install
Specify information for SMP/ESpecifying SMP/E settings
Specify JCL for installation jobsSpecifying JCL values for generated installation jobs
Generate installation jobsGenerating the installation JCL
Generating the configuration jobs
Generate the configuration jobsGenerating configuration jobs
Specify information for runtime data setsSpecifying runtime data set information
Specify configuration informationSpecifying product configuration information
Specify JCL for configuration jobsSpecifying JCL values for generated configuration jobs
Generate configuration jobsGenerating the configuration JCL
Running the generated jobs
Run the generated jobsRunning the generated jobs
Review generated jobs and filesReviewing generated documentation members
Run the generated jobsTo run the generated jobs
Perform additional product-specific customizationCustomizing after installation
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