Release notes from previous releases

You can view release notes from previous releases of TrueSight Intelligence.

2016 December

New features

  • Metrics comparison - Compare the values for a metric to another time period for the same metric or compare multiple metrics to perform a statistical analysis. For more information, see Comparing metric values.
  • Get data from BMC Remedy Action Request System - Get incident and change data from Remedy as events for analytics.

2016 September

New features

Feature enhancements

  • Refresh data on demand - Refresh data on the screen and retain all your custom selected sorting, filters, and so on.
  • Filter events without a defined status and severity - The events screen now supports sorting of data that does not have a status or severity.
  • Faster baseline calculation - The baseline is now calculated in the first six hours of getting data. 

2016 June

Features available

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