Process plugin

This plugin collects and displays CPU and memory usage for specific processes.


Meter version 4.5.0-778 or later must be installed.

The Rabbit MQ plugin supports the following Operating Systems.

OS X(tick)

To install the plugin

  1. From the top right of the screen, perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Settings > Data Collection, select the TrueSight meter, and select the Sources tab.

    • Click Settings > Configure Sources.
  2. Use the search box or scroll through the page to find the source system which has the TrueSight meter on which you want to install the plugin.
  3. Click the name of the source to view source details.
  4. Select the Plugins tab.
  5. Use the search box or scroll through the page to find the plugin you want to install.
  6. Click + Install to start the installation.

    Refer to the following sections for the configuration details required to collect data and view the list of plugin metrics.

Configuration details

Field NameDescription
SourceThe source name to display in the legend for the CPU & Memory data.
Process Name RegexThe regular expression used to match the name of the process.
Process Path RegexThe regular expression used to match the path of the process.
Process CWD RegexThe regular expression to match the CWD (Current Working Directory) of the process.
Process Args RegexThe regular expression to match the arguments of the process.
Polling IntervalA numeric value representing the polling interval time in miliseconds.
Reconcile option*The method used to determine the method used to reconcile processes when multiple processes match the specified regex parameters.

*Select one of the following values for the Reconcile option.

Reconcile optionDescription
All Source AverageDisplay a single source for each matching unique process name. It will show an average value of metrics along with count of processes for the source. This option is useful when focus is on the number of processes running or average utilization of particular processes.
All Individual Source

Display all unique sources (unlike average, even if multiple processes have the same process name, they are distinguished with index. For example, processname1 .. processnameN). This option is useful when individual process monitoring is crucial.

Longest Running

Display the single source that matches the process running for the longest period of time.

First Match

Display the first process that matches the regex parameter.


Display the parent processes that matching the regex parameters.

Advanced configuration

To customize this plugin, see Process plugin on GitHub.

Plugin metrics

Metric NameDescription
CPU ProcessProcess specific CPU utilization
Memory ProcessProcess specific Memory utilization
Open HandlesProcess specific Open Handles
Process CountNo of processes running
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