Platform support policy for the meter

BMC designs, builds, and tests the meter to install and run on specific combinations of hardware, operating system, and operating system version (platforms).

Meter development is performed using a rolling release model.  Meter updates are made available via repo for each platform’s native package manager. At any given time, there is only one ‘current version’ of the meter. This current version is intended to install and run on all of the supported platforms.

New features and bug fixes are provided in a subsequent current version of the meter.  Customers are expected to update their meters to the current version to obtain any such bug fixes or new features.

Support for new platforms

For new versions of the operating systems listed in the supported platforms list, we will add support within 90 days of the new version’s release to market by the platform’s publisher.

For support of operating systems not listed in the supported platforms list, we encourage you to submit your request for such support here.

End of support for obsolete platforms

As publishers end their standard support for specific platforms, so too will BMC end support in the next version of the meter.  The end of support by the meter for a particular platform will coincide with the end-of-standard-support by the platform’s publisher.

We may not specifically nor immediately remove (from the next version of the meter) support for a platform that has become obsolete; however, we may stop fully testing the next version of the meter against the obsolete platform.

Some publishers offer extended support of platforms beyond their end-of-standard-support.  Typically, these are paid-support offerings.   We consider such platforms as having been end-of-life’d by their publishers.  We may not provide support of such platforms in the current meter.

Withdrawal of operating system support

We may, on very rare occasions, withdraw support for all versions of an operating system listed in the Supported Platform list.  Generally, we will do this only because no customers have deployed meters onto such platforms and the burden of maintaining support for such platforms is too great.  We will provide notice to our customers 60 days prior to acting on any such withdrawal.

Technical assistance for prior meters

Customers reporting an issue related to a prior (not current) version of the meter will be asked to upgrade to the current version before we engage in tracking down the problem.  If we should choose to engage without the customer first upgrading, our assistance may be limited to attempting to verify that the issue has been resolved in the current version of the meter.

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