TrueSight Intelligence enables you to achieve the following goals:

  • Stream and analyze metric and event data, in real-time, at scale
  • Aggregate disparate data to understand relationships and patterns
  • Visualize application and service behavior and detect abnormalities
  • Measure performance baselines for better production operations

TrueSight Intelligence enables you to obtain a variety of data from multiple data sources. For example, you can stream system data such as CPU Utilization, while also getting business data, such as the number of requests.

Configure data aggregation using multiple sources and create custom apps to send a variety of data that impacts your overall application.

Get data from various sources into TrueSight Intelligence Apps.

View the metrics associated at the applications level along with events related to the metrics.

TrueSight Intelligence needs six hours of data to plot a baseline that gives you a visual representation of deviations.

A dedicated Events screen enables you to view event details drill down.

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