Online loan approval use case

Consult the following use case for information on how to achieve value with TrueSight Intelligence.


The demo data made available after you sign up for a TrueSight Intelligence account is based on this use case.

The goal

A bank launches online real-time loan approval and requires the following:

  • Decision to approve or reject a loan should be made in a few seconds.
  • Continuously monitor business, application, and infrastructure metrics to ensure low turnaround times.

The workflow

Set up data collection

Configure one of the available methods to collect data for relevant business, application, and infrastructure metrics: Loan approval time, Loan request volume, Loan credit check response time, System CPU percent usage, and Network In. For more information, see Collecting data.

Create and monitor the application

  • Name the application 'Engage Cash'.
  • Set the following metrics as KPIs: Loan Approval Time (business metric), Loan Request Volume (business metric), and System CPU Percent usage (infrastructure metric).

For more information, see Searching for data, Setting metrics as KPIs for analysis, and Managing applications.

 Add capacity to match request volumes

  • Loan request volume increases drastically causing the loan approval time to increase. For more information, see Viewing correlated metrics.
  • Abnormality events are generated due to deviation from the baseline. For more information, see Viewing abnormality and MVGD events.
  • Decide to add capacity for handling the increase in number of requests.

The benefits

TrueSight Intelligence helped maintain a low turnaround time

  • Continuous monitoring helped perform a timely increase of system capacity.
  • The increase in capacity helped cater to the increased request volume.
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