Managing events

Click Events to view a complete list of events for your account. View, filter, manage, and customize the events layout from this screen. Use the Views menu to create custom views to display events and metrics of your choice. For more information, see Creating and managing views.

To view events

Select one of the options below to view the list of events:

  • Click Events to view a complete list of events.
  • Click Apps and click the application name to view details for the application. From the details screen, click the Events toggle button to view the list of events generated for the devices associated with the application.
  • Click Sources and select a source to view the source details. Click the Events tab to view events generated for the device.

TrueSight Pulse alarms as events

If you are collecting data from TrueSight Pulse, the alarms generated will be visible as TrueSight Intelligence events. One event is generated for each alarm and will stay in the open state until the alarm closes in TrueSight Pulse. If there are multiple hosts/computers that trigger the same alarm, sub-events are created in TrueSight Intelligence; individual sub-events are closed when the value for the related host/computer comes below the alarm threshold.

To filter events

The following options are available for filtering events:

Filter by time range

Select a time range for which events should be displayed from any of the above screens.

Filter by clicking on the graphs

When viewing a graph, select to group by Type, Severity, or Status to view details for a bar on the chart, and click Filter by this time frame to filter and display events for the time frame.

Additional filter options available only from the Events screen

Click to view the available filter options. The following filter options are displayed and the button changes to .

  • App: Select one or more apps.
  • Event Type: Select one or more event types.
  • Search and select fields using which you want to filter the data and specify values for the fields.


Select Exact Field Values or use the Contains Keywords section to enter (one or more) keywords to filter the data. Type a substring of the value of any field to filter and display data that contain the substring.

After you set the filters, the button changes to . Click to hide the filter options and click to display the filter options.

To customize the events summary layout

Use the information provided to configure additional charts for visualizing the events in your system. The following options are available for customizing the events layout:

To set the unit of measure and sort preferences

  1. Select Events > Summary
  2. Click more optionsto customize the following:


    This customization is not available for Event Column Charts.

    1. Display: Select Count to display the actual values or click Percentage to display the percentage.
    2. Sort: Select Highest to Lowest to display the values in descending order or Lowest to Highest to order the values in ascending order.

To add a chart


If you only want to view your custom charts, click Clear to remove the default charts before you begin.

  1. Select Events > Summary > Edit Layout
  2. From the drop-down list, select one of the chart types:
    1. Event Column Chart
    2. Event Donut Chart
    3. Event Bar Chart
  3. Click Create.
  4. Type a Name and select Placement of the chart on the screen.
  5. Select the fields which you want to use for grouping the event values on the chart. For example, select status to view events by status or select source.type to view events by the source type.

Best practice

Select a field that has fewer values to gain maximum benefit from the visualization.

To edit existing charts

Select Events > Edit layout to turn on edit mode for the existing charts and make the following changes:


Click and click Edit Title to rename the chart title, and click Save.

Move the chart on the screen.
Configure visualization options for the chart.
Create a duplicate of the chart.
Remove the chart from the view.

Example of a chart in edit mode

To troubleshoot chart customization

Select Events > Edit Layout and click Reset to defaults to reset the visualization for all the charts, and only display the default charts.

Reset to defaults deletes all the custom charts added to the page.

Customizing the events list view

The following options are available for customizing the events list view:

To add and remove columns

  1. Select Events > List > Edit Columns
  2. Use the filter to display columns that are available across all event types or select a specific event type to filter the columns available.
  3. From the list that is displayed, select or clear the columns that you want to view in the List view.


A maximum of eight columns can be selected to be displayed in the List view.

To reorder or remove columns

  1. Select Events > List > Edit Columns
  2. Click the link that displays the count. For example, Selected 6 / 8.
  3. Click  to reorder the columns or click to remove the column from the List view.
  4. Click Apply to apply the changes to the List view.

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