Installing the meter on Linux

To get the API token

Your organization's account has a unique API token that must be used for authentication while sending data to TrueSight Intelligence.

The TrueSight Intelligence API key for your account is available in the  TrueSight Account Manager . Navigate to My Account > Product Security.

To install the meter on Linux


Meter installation requires root privileges. If you use a non-root account, the setup script will use ‘sudo’ and prompt for your root password.

  1. Open the “Terminal” window (also called “Command” or “Console” on some systems)
  2. Type

    curl -fsS
    -d '{"token":"INSERT-API-TOKEN-HERE"}'
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' >
    && chmod +x && ./
  3. If the meter does not start automatically,  start it manually and report your system details to
    sudo /etc/init.d/truesight-meter start


Several plugins require node.js and npm packages; some plugins require Python 2.7.x runtime. We recommend that you install both of them before installing any plugins to minimize occurrence of any problems. For more information, see instructions for Node.js installation using package manager.

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