HTTP Check plugin

This plugin polls a set of URLs and reports on the response time.The plugin allows multiple URLs to be polled and each of those URLs to set their own Poll interval. The URLs can require authentication, the plugin supports basic HTTP authentication and can also post data.


Meter version 4.2 or later must be installed.

The HTTP Check plugin supports the following Operating Systems.

Smart OS(tick)
OS X(tick)

To install the plugin

  1. From the top right of the screen, perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Settings > Data Collection, select the TrueSight meter, and select the Sources tab.

    • Click Settings > Configure Sources.
  2. Use the search box or scroll through the page to find the source system which has the TrueSight meter on which you want to install the plugin.
  3. Click the name of the source to view source details.
  4. Select the Plugins tab.
  5. Use the search box or scroll through the page to find the plugin you want to install.
  6. Click + Install to start the installation.

    Refer to the following sections for the configuration details required to collect data and view the list of plugin metrics.

Configuration details

Field NameDescription
SourceThe source to display in the legend for the endpoint. Ex.
Poll Time (sec)The Poll Interval to call your endpoint in seconds. Default is 5 seconds.
MethodThe Method of the endpoint. One of the following: DELETE, GET, POST, or PUT.
ProtocolThe protocol of the endpoint. Either http or https.
URLThe host and path name. For example, or
Debug LevelIf you are having issues with the plugin, you can enable additional debugging output to be shown in the Meter console.
Follow RedirectsFollow redirections on 3xx responses
Max RedirectsMax redirections allowed
Username(optional) The username required to access the endpoint
Password(optional) The password required to access the endpoint
POST data(optional) Additional information to pass along to the endpoint. Key Values pairs, "key=value" one per line
Ignore Status CodeIf any response from the server is considered valid, even an error, enable this.

Advanced configuration

To customize this plugin, see HTTP Check plugin on GitHub.

Plugin metric

Metric NameDescription
HTTP Response TimeThe Response time of a URL
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