This glossary contains terms that are relevant to TrueSight Intelligence.

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API key

A unique authentication key associated with each account (company) that accesses TrueSight Intelligence. This key is used to send authorized data to TrueSight Intelligence.

abnormality event

An event triggered to indicate a deviation of a metric value from the baseline established based on previous data. For example, if 12 - 20 loan requests are received every hour (baseline) and the number of request count goes below/above this established range.


The company that is registered to use TrueSight Intelligence.


The agent/meter can be configured to collect data from various sources.


Provides an aggregation of data collected from various devices for analysis. Set metrics as KPIs and view them together even if they are collected from different devices.


A range established based on previous data that is considered to be the normal operating range. For example, if 12 to 20 loan requests are received every hour, the baseline can be considered to be between 12 and 20.


A server, instance, router, and so on, for which data can be collected for analysis.


An event in TrueSight Intelligence is associated with metrics and can have a severity of critical, major, minor, ok, or info. The Events tab provides charts that list various event types. Use filters to drill down and view details.

key performance indicator (KPI)

Metrics identified and set by the user that reflect the health of the system or allow monitoring and in-depth relational analysis.


It represents values for metrics that can be measured and change with time.


It represents an application, business, or infrastructure parameters that can be measured and change with time.

PATROL agent

A BMC product that offers monitoring capabilities and collects data from various systems via Knowledge Modules. TrueSight Intelligence provides the capability to collect data from PATROL Agents.

Remedy Action Request System

A BMC product that is used by IT organizations for their digital service management requirements. TrueSight Intelligence provides the capability to collect data for changes and incidents.


The origin of the data available in TrueSight Intelligence. The source can be set while sending data using REST APIs.

source type

The categorization of sources that send data to TrueSight Intelligence. For instance, you can set the source type to social media for data collected from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


A group of users who have access to the company account. The types of user can differ, where some users have admin privileges.

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