Getting started

Familiarize yourself with TrueSight Intelligence concepts, terms, and use cases.

The business concepts and advantages of using TrueSight Intelligence are explained and an introduction to the user interface is provided.

Data model

Data models for TrueSight Intelligence, metrics, and events are provided. Details on how metrics are defined, measures and events are sent, and app associations are made are also described.

System requirements

TrueSight Intelligence is hosted on a cloud; use a supported operating system and browser to access the service.
A step-by-step approach to achieving primary user goals that are accomplished using TrueSight Intelligence.

End-to-end use cases that show how TrueSight Intelligence helps in real-life scenarios.


Common terms such as KPI, meter, and baseline, are defined and what they mean in TrueSight Intelligence is explained.

A summary of the security practices followed by TrueSight SaaS products.

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