Creating and viewing composite metrics

Composite metrics are new metrics which have a value that is an average of a collection of existing metrics. You must have at least two metrics that use the same Unit of Measurement (UoM) to create a composite metric.

Use custom Views to save frequently created composite metrics. For instance, you can create a average composite metric using the CPU Utilization (percent) for multiple servers in your organization.

To create a composite metric

  1. Find a metric that you want to use for creating a composite metric.
    For example, CPU Utilization (percent).
  2. Click add and search for another metric that uses the same UoM or the same metric belonging for another source.
  3. Click the add iconfrom the search results to add the metric. If required, add more metrics to the comparison.
  4. After adding all the metrics, click add and use the Composite section to create a composite metric. Select one of the available options to create a composite metric that represents the average, sum, minimum, or maximum of the metrics with the same UoM.

    If your chart has multiple sets of metrics that have the same UoM, add multiple composite metrics.

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