The email address must have been registered with the Remedy ticketing system prior to specifying it in a service ticket. You can specify only one email ID per service ticket. For details on configuring email ID in the Remedy Action Request System, see Configuring incoming mailboxes.

To create a service ticket action

The details required to create an action vary depending on the action type. For example, you will need the OpsGenie API key for sending data, but only valid email addresses for sending email notifications.

  1. From the top right of the screen, click the settings icon > Notifications to access the actions and alarms.
  2. From the Actions tab, click Create Action.
  3. Type a unique Name for the action.
  4. Select the action you want to use from the Action Type drop-down list. In this case, Ticket (Service Ticket).
  5. Select the details required for the selected action type.

    Configuration parameters

    Refer to the configuration details and search for configuration details tagged with the Required configuration parameter keyword.

  6. Type an email address to associate with the ticket.
  7. Click Save
    The ticket is displayed in the Settings/Notifications page > Actions tab.
  8. (Optional) Use the Edit icon to edit the ticket details and save the changes if required.

Where to go from here

After creating an action, you can Clustering event data for advanced analysis.