CouchDB plugin

This plugin collects information that is returned by the stats API.


Meter 4.2 or later must be installed.

The Couch DB plugin supports the following Operating Systems.

Smart OS(tick)
OS X(tick)

To install the plugin

  1. From the top right of the screen, perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Settings > Data Collection, select the TrueSight meter, and select the Sources tab.

    • Click Settings > Configure Sources.
  2. Use the search box or scroll through the page to find the source system which has the TrueSight meter on which you want to install the plugin.
  3. Click the name of the source to view source details.
  4. Select the Plugins tab.
  5. Use the search box or scroll through the page to find the plugin you want to install.
  6. Click + Install to start the installation.

    Refer to the following sections for the configuration details required to collect data and view the list of plugin metrics.

Configuration details

Field NameDescription
CouchDB Stats URLThe URL to CouchDB's stats API endpoint
UserPassword for the stats API endpoint.
PasswordPassword for the stats API endpoint.
PollIntervalInterval to query couchdb
SourceThe source to display in the legend for the instance.

Advanced configuration

To customize this plugin, see Couch DB plugin on GitHub.

Metric details

Metric NameDescription
CouchDB - HTTPD 201Number of HTTP 201 Created responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 200Number of HTTP 200 OK responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 202Number of HTTP 202 Accepted responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 401Number of HTTP 401 Unauthorized responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 301Number of HTTP 301 Moved Permanently responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 304Number of HTTP 304 Not Modified responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 405Number of HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 404Number of HTTP 404 Not Found responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 403Number of HTTP 403 Forbidden responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 500Number of HTTP 500 Internal Server Error responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 412Number of HTTP 412 Precondition Failed responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 400Number of HTTP 400 Bad Request responses
CouchDB - HTTPD 409Number of HTTP 409 Conflict responses
CouchDB - Bulk RequestsNumber of bulk requests
CouchDB - Clients Requesting ChangesNumber of clients for continuous changes
CouchDB - View ReadsNumber of view reads
CouchDB - RequestsNumber of HTTP requests
CouchDB - Temporary View ReadsNumber of temporary view reads
CouchDB - Open OS FilesNumber of file descriptors CouchDB has open
CouchDB - Auth Cache HitsNumber of authentication cache hits
CouchDB - Database ReadsNumber of times a document was read from a database
CouchDB - Open DatabasesNumber of open databases
CouchDB - Auth Cache MissesNumber of authentication cache misses
CouchDB - Database WritesNumber of times a database was changed
CouchDB - Request TimeLength of a request inside CouchDB without MochiWeb
CouchDB - HEAD RequestsNumber of HTTP HEAD requests
CouchDB - GET RequestsNumber of HTTP GET requests
CouchDB - PUT RequestsNumber of HTTP PUT requests
CouchDB - POST RequestsNumber of HTTP POST requests
CouchDB - COPY RequestsNumber of HTTP COPY requests
CouchDB - DELETE RequestsNumber of HTTP DELETE requests
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