Comparing metric values

Use this feature to compare the values for a metric to another time period for the same metric or compare multiple metrics to perform a statistical analysis.

Add and remove metrics from the compare, and use custom Views to save frequently used metric comparisons.

To compare metric values

  1. Navigate to the Metric Details screen or App details screen.
  2. Click add for any metric.
  3. The following compare options are available:
    1. To compare the metrics values with another metric, search for the metrics using the search box, and click  next to the metric you want to add to the comparison.
    2. To compare the metric values to values for a previous time period, select one of the out-of-the-box options under the Compare Other Time Periods section. For instance, Same time 1 week ago, and Same time 1 year ago.

Example A - Comparing values of multiple metrics

Example B - Comparing the values for a metric to the values for the same metric from 1 week ago

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