Collecting Twitter data as events

Connect to your Twitter accounts to collect filtered tweets as events and analyze them using event filters and advanced analytics features such as event clustering to model the tweets and understand user sentiments. You can also correlate tweets with performance and business data.

Ensure you have the Twitter account credentials

Navigate to the TrueSight Intelligence integration interface

Link the Twitter account to monitor and analyze

Add criteria to search and collect tweets

Navigate to Sources or Events to view and analyze the Twitter data

Provide a source name to map data for the Twitter account

Click  > Data Collection, and select Twitter icon to associate a Twitter account with TrueSight Intelligence.

To configure a Twitter Account Integration

From the Configuration details section, provide the details required to configure data collection from Twitter.

  1. Type the Name for the source to represent the Twitter data collected.
  2. Click Link Twitter account to authorize BMC TrueSight Intelligence to collect Twitter data.


    Allow pop-up windows in your browser to enter your Twitter account credentials.

To manage the Twitter account integration

  • Click the toggle button to deactivate the configured integration along with all the filters.
  • Click the delete button to delete the configured integration.


The Twitter event data that is available in TrueSight Intelligence will not be removed when you delete the integration.

To add a filter

To create a new filter that is used to search the configured Twitter account, and enter the following details

  1. Click + Add
  2. Type a unique Filter Name
  3. Type the Filter Keywords to search Twitter. The keywords supported by Twitter API are used for searching tweets.

    To find tweets that...Type
    (default) contain both "truesight" and "intelligence"truesight intelligence
    contain either "aiops" or "analytics" (or both)aiops OR analytics
    contain the exact phrase "machine learning""machine learning"
    contain "analytics" but not "analytics"analytics -text
    contain the hashtag "bmcsoftware"#bmcsoftware
    sent from "thegods"from:thegods
    sent to "mankind"to:mankind
    reference a person "mashable".@mashable
    contain the exact phrase "bmc engage" and sent near "new york"."bmc engage" near:"new york"
    sent within 15 miles of "NYC".near:NYC within:15mi
    contain "aiops" and linking to URLs.aiops filter:links

    For more information on valid query operators supported by Twitter, see Twitter Search API Open link .

  4. Select the Frequency used to poll Twitter for tweets containing the filter keywords.


    During each poll, TrueSight Intelligence gets 200 of the most recent tweets that match the specified criteria for each filter.

  5. Select the Severity that will be assigned to the events in TrueSight Intelligence. If a value is not selected, a severity is not assigned.
  6. Select the TrueSight Intelligence App name to which the matching Twitter events will be associated or type the name for a new App.
  7. From the Add Properties section, type key: value pairs for properties that will be added to the resulting events, in addition to the information obtained from Twitter.
  8. Click Save.

To enable, edit, or delete a filter

  • Select the checkbox from the Enabled column to enable a search  filter.
  • Click  to edit the search filter
  • Click  to delete the search filter


An error icon is displayed on the configured integration if there are problems with the integration. The cursor tool tip will provide the error code and troubleshooting information.

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