Collecting incident and change data from Remedy

This topic describes the procedure to get Remedy Action Request System data into TrueSight Intelligence. Some of the salient features are:

  • Remedy Incidents and Changes are available in the form of events in TrueSight Intelligence. Use the predefined templates to get data for more than 100 incident and change ticket fields that are mapped to TrueSight Intelligence fields.
  • A TrueSight Intelligence App is created using the app_id specified as part of the properties in the eventDefinition section of the json template.
  • Use the Events feature to filter and view incidents or changes in a particular time window. For more information, see Managing events.
  • Use the event clustering feature to cluster the tickets based on predefined parameters. For more information, see Clustering event data for advanced analysis.
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Ticket clustering use case

This plugin collects incidents and changes from the Remedy Action Request System.


Meter 4.7.1-865 or later must be installed.

Java 1.8 or later must be installed.

The Remedy plugin version 8.x or later supports the following Operating Systems.

OS X(tick)

Before you begin

If you want to ingest historical Remedy data into TrueSight Intelligence, it is recommended that you ingest this data before configuring the plugin for data collection. For more information, see Ingesting historical Remedy data.

Make sure that the field names do not contain any special characters (only _ is allowed). A system validation will prevent ingestion from progressing if the field names contain special characters.

To install the plugin

  1. From the top right of the screen, perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Settings > Data Collection, select the TrueSight meter, and select the Sources tab.

    • Click Settings > Configure Sources.
  2. Use the search box or scroll through the page to find the source system which has the TrueSight meter on which you want to install the plugin.
  3. Click the name of the source to view source details.
  4. Select the Plugins tab.
  5. Use the search box or scroll through the page to find the plugin you want to install.
  6. Click + Install to start the installation.

    Refer to the following sections for the configuration details required to collect data and view the list of plugin metrics.

Configuration details

Field NameDescription

AR Server Name

The host name of the Remedy server


The port of Remedy server. This value is required only if a custom value was used for the AR Server TPC Port Number in the AR Server Settings. For more information, see  AR Server Settings parameters Open link .
UsernameThe user of Remedy server
PasswordThe password of Remedy server
App IDThe App ID used to tag the events in TrueSight Intelligence
Ticket Type

Type of tickets to be collected (Incident or Change)


Add two Remedy instances if you want to collect data for both types of tickets.

Field Mapping

The default template includes over 100 field mappings each for incidents and changes, which allows you to collect data without any customization. For more information on the default field mappings, see changeDefaultTemplate.json Open link and incidentDefaultTemplate.json Open link . See the Structure of the JSON template later in the topic for details on the contents of the JSON template.

To specify custom field mappings:

  1. Copy the details from the default template ( changeDefaultTemplate.json Open link  or incidentDefaultTemplate.json Open link ).
    For example, copy the fieldDefinitionMap section from the incidentDefaultTemplate.json if the Ticket Type is set to Incident.
  2. Paste the details from the system clipboard to a notepad file and add, remove, or update the field mapping as required.

    Advanced configuration

    To define additional field mappings, refer to on GitHub Open link .

  3. Copy the fieldDefinitionMap details and paste it into this field.

Poll Interval (mins)The frequency used to poll for collecting tickets from this Remedy instance.
Logging levelSet the logging level for collecting data from this instance.

Plugin metrics

This plugin collects metric data that monitors the health of the configured Remedy instance. Remedy incident and change tickets are made available as TrueSight Intelligence events.

Metric Name



Indicates if the plugin is working normally. 1 indicates a normal status.

REMEDY_INVALID_EVENTS_COUNTThe number of invalid Remedy incidents and changes.


The number of Remedy incidents and changes that were successfully ingested and are available as events in TrueSight Intelligence.


The number of Remedy incidents and changes that were not successfully ingested.


Indicates if data ingestion is working normally. 1 indicates there was an exception while ingesting data, and an event is generated. 0 indicates data ingestion is working normally.

Structure of the JSON template

The templates consist of three sections as depicted in the following example.

SectionLine numbersDescription
2 to 6

This section contains required configuration details for the plugin.


Use custom values only if required. You must use the default values if you are not conversant with the fields used by the Remedy Action Request System.

"conditionFields": [3, 6]Defines the date fields used for the date range query
"queryStatusList": [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]Contains a list of status values to query
"retryConfig": 2Number of retries in case of any failure in reading or sending the tickets to TrueSight Intelligence
"waitMsBeforeRetry": 5000Time in milliseconds to wait before trying again
Event definition
7 to 16

Use the properties to define the mapping of the Remedy Action Request System fields to the TrueSight Intelligence raw events.

You must change or remove property names and mapping information only if required.

Field definition mapping


17 to 30

If required, you must specify the mapping of values for Remedy Action Request System properties to TrueSight Intelligence properties. In the following template, the severity value of 1000 in Remedy is mapped to the Critical severity in TrueSight Intelligence.

Sample JSON snippet
	"config":	{
	"eventDefinition":	{
			"properties":	{
					"app_id": "Remedy TSI Integration",
				"severity": "@SEVERITY",
				 "CustomField" : "@CUSTOMFIELD"
	"fieldDefinitionMap": {
        "@SEVERITY": {
            "fieldId": 1000000162,
            "valueMap": {
                "1000": "Critical",
                "2000": "High",
                "3000": "Medium",
                "4000": "Low"
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