Collecting data

TrueSight Intelligence provides real-time analytic capabilities for data collected from multiple devices and systems. Use one of the available methods to start sending business, application, or infrastructure data to the TrueSight Intelligence server. You can also use meter plugins to collect data.

Configure data collection using one of the available methods before Performing analytics using data exploration or Performing advanced analytics using machine learning.

Quick start

View the end-to-end process for using authentication, defining metrics, sending metrics / measures / events to TrueSight Intelligence, and analyzing data.

Collecting data using meters and plugins

Collect data from a variety of sources using the TrueSight meter and out-of-the-box plugins.

Collecting data from BMC products

Collect data from various BMC products such as Remedy and TrueSight Operations Management. For more information, see the following topics:

Collecting end-user experience data from applications

Collect end-user experience data by adding a JavaScript snippet to the <head> element of your web application's page. The snippet enables you to monitor key metrics of your end users' digital experience with your application.

Collecting data from cloud platforms

Monitor your public cloud infrastructure by obtaining metrics from your public cloud. For more information, see Collecting data from Amazon Web Services and Collecting metrics from an Azure service.

Install and configure the ServiceNow connector to get data from ServiceNow. Use the connector to send ServiceNow tickets to TrueSight Intelligence as events for analytics and use clustering of event data for advanced analysis.

Collecting Twitter data as events

Integrate with your Twitter accounts to collect filtered Twitter information as events and analyze the same using the events functionality.

Use REST APIs to collect data and view it in TrueSight Intelligence. You can make an authenticated REST API call using your TrueSight Intelligence account API key.

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