Built-in server metrics collected by the meter

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The meter collects the following 8 core server metrics and 12 extended server metrics. The extended metrics are available only if you have a trial or paid subscription.

Core server metrics

MetricDescription (units)
CPU UtilizationOverall CPU utilization (%)
Memory UsageOverall memory utilization (%)
Disk WritesNumber of disk write operations
Disk ReadsNumber of disk read operations
Network In Network traffic received on all interfaces (Bytes)
Network Out Network traffic sent on all interfaces sent (Bytes)
Disk Bytes WrittenNumber of bytes written to all disks (Bytes)
Disk Bytes ReadNumber of bytes read from all disks (Bytes)

Extended server metrics

MetricDescription (units)
CPU IO Wait TimeThe percentage of CPU time spent waiting for IO operations (%)
CPU System TimeThe percentage of available CPU time being utilized by the OS (%)
CPU User Time

The percentage of available CPU time being utilized by programs (%)

CPU Stolen TimeThe percentage of time a virtual machine was ready to run but was not allowed to run by the host OS (%)
One Minute Load AverageAn averaging of the number of processes utilizing or waiting for CPU time over that last minute
Filesystem Utilization Percentage of disk space used (written on). This is the total among all non-virtual, local filesystems (%)
Memory Bytes FreeThe amount of unused memory by programs and the OS (bytes)
Processor QueueThe number of processes that are waiting to run on a CPU
Context SwitchesThe number of switches between programs and the OS in the last second.
Total Number of ProcessesThe number of processes running, including duplicates. Processes are programs that support applications.
Number of Idle ProcessesThe number of processes that have not executed for more than 20 seconds.
Number of Threads Number of process threads running. A single process can have many threads, but a thread can only have one process.
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