Analyzing end-user experience with your configured applications

Monitor end-user experience data by adding a JavaScript snippet to your browser-based rich internet applications (RIAs) that are based on HTML and JavaScript, including single-page applications (SPAs). This snippet enables you to monitor key metrics of your end users' digital experience with your application.

Click Settings > End User Experience to set up collection of end-user experience data from applications to get this data into TrueSight Intelligence.

Click Views > DXM > End User Summary to view the system default view after you set up your end-user experience data collection. This view contains pre-configured charts that display the end-user experience data collected from applications and presents charts based on monitored metrics and by default displays information for all the applications you are monitoring.


To create a customized copy of the view and modify it as per your requirements, click Make a Copy from the top right of the screen.

To filter and drill down the details displayed, click any value and select Filter by "Value". For example:

  • To view all the details for a single app, click the name of the app under Apps, and select Filter by "<app name>".
  • To view the Operating Systems and Browsers popular among your users who use the English language, click en-us under Languages, and select Filter by "en-us".
  • To view the number of new and returning page views from your users from the United States, click United States under Countries, and select Filter by "United States".

Example End User Summary view

The following table describes the charts that display information for your applications.

Chart titleDescriptionChart type


Number of events associated with the Apps being monitored for end-user experience data



Top pages in ascending order, the page that has maximum number of user visits is listed on top

DevicesTop user devicesDonut
LanguagesTop languages used by the usersDonut


Top source URLs from which users originated


Page Views

Number of pages viewed over the selected time period


Operating Systems

Top Operating Systems used by your users



Top browsers used by your users



The screen resolutions used by your users



Top countries to which your users belong



Top state/province to which your users belong



Top cities to which your users belong


Human vs. Bot

Number of the visits by humans v/s bots to your applicationDonut

Bot Categories

The categories of bots that are crawling your applicationDonut

Bot Types

The types of bots that are crawling your applicationDonut
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