Set specific metrics as KPIs to perform data analytics. These KPIs can be associated with an application, which provides an aggregation of related information. Also, create and manage custom views and view the various data sources configured to send data to TrueSight Intelligence.

Set specific metrics available across entities as key performance indicators for monitoring them as part of unique applications.
If you specified the App ID while sending values for metrics and then set specific metrics as KPIs, they will be grouped under the specified app. View and modify existing applications that contain your KPIs. You can also rearrange or delete metrics added to applications.
Create custom views with metrics and events that you want to view on a regular basis.
View a list of sources that are configured to send data to your TrueSight Intelligence account. Filter the list and view details for various metrics, events, and components that belong to a source.
Configure notifications and send alerts to your team's collaboration tool. Specify one or more actions that are executed when a particular alarm state is encountered.
Manage the users associated to your organization's account and assign them roles based on their profile. Access your account API key used for authenticating data sent to your TrueSight Intelligence account.
Delete data from your account when you want to permanently purge data from a specific source or application for your account. This feature is useful in scenarios such as erroneous data tagging that caused data to be sent to an incorrect app. It might also be useful to delete data if you want to start collecting data afresh after using test applications and data.

View the number of events and data streams in your account, make decisions on additional subscription needs and updating your data collection configuration.


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