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This topic presents announcements that might impact future releases of the product. These changes can impact the way in which you configure or run the installed version of BMC Helix Integration Service.

Statement of direction: Go-forward scope for BMC Helix Integration Service enables easy design and automation of event-driven tasks across applications. It comes with a set of connectors for popular BMC and third-party products and services.  

To keep our valued customers informed about the future direction of BMC product and services, BMC product management has the following update about BMC Helix Integration Service: 

  • The go-forward scope for BMC Helix Integration Service will be limited to BMC-to-BMC centric integration use cases.

  • BMC continues to support the current capabilities offered by BMC Helix Integration Service, that is, all existing connectors and flows for third-party applications will be supported until further direction from BMC product management.  

  • The future roadmap of integration capabilities by BMC will be based on BMC Helix iPaaS.  In future, new connectors and pre-built integrations will be developed by using BMC Helix iPaaS. 

BMC Helix iPaaS Open link is the new addition to the integration offering from BMC based on the partnership with the leading iPaaS and API Management vendors. BMC Helix iPaaS offers superior integration technology with a robust set of application-specific and generic connectors. Along with its partners, BMC continues to invest in Helix iPaaS to provide state-of-the-art integration options for BMC Helix. We encourage all customers to take advantage of the industry-leading integration platform and evaluate plans to consider BMC Helix iPaaS as the go-forward integration solution for BMC Helix.  

Deprecation of support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Starting with the 21.02 release (targeted for February 2021), BMC will not support the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 with BMC Helix Integration Service. For a complete list of BMC products that will no longer support Internet Explorer 11, see the  BMC Customer Support Communities page Open link .

As technology continues to advance, it has become more challenging to resolve browser-specific issues related to Internet Explorer 11. We may attempt to fix some issues related to that version, but some features may not work as expected.

Because of security compromises and performance issues, we recommend that you do not use Internet Explorer 11. Instead, we encourage you to switch to other fully supported browsers.

BMC will still support Internet Explorer 11 on releases of BMC products prior to version 21.02 where Internet Explorer 11 was already supported.


Microsoft still supports Internet Explorer 11 on some operating systems (including Microsoft Windows 8.1 and 10 and Windows Server 2012 and 2016). For more information, see the Microsoft  Lifecycle FAQ - Internet Explorer and Edge Open link  page.

If you have any questions, you can post them on the  BMC Customer Support Communities page Open link .

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