BMC Helix Integration Service consists of three separate components, which can be used alongside other BMC products to enhance their workflows.


BMC Helix Integration Service includes:

BMC Helix Integration Studio

BMC Helix Integration Studio is a SaaS product that can be used to create flows, so that when an event occurs in one application, a corresponding action is performed in another application. It can also be used to manage flows, configure connectors, control access, and view analytics data in a user-friendly dashboard. 

BMC Helix Connector Designer

The development environment for BMC Helix Integration Service. BMC Helix Connector Designer is installed on a local machine, and is used to create, build and deploy new connectors. Customers who want to build advanced connectors may need access to a local integrated development environment (IDE), such as Eclipse.

For more information about BMC Helix Connector Designer and a high-level connector development overview, see the following video:

Integration Controller

The runtime environment for BMC Helix Integration Service. Without Integration Controller, you cannot connect to applications or services running in your network that are not accessible from the internet. BMC Cloud hosts an instance of Integration Controller to run connectors for cloud applications and services.

Using BMC Integration Service with other BMC products

Supported BMC products, such as BMC Helix Platform, can utilize BMC Helix Integration Service to create and consume connectors directly within their workflows. The following diagram provides a high-level overview of using BMC Helix Integration Service with BMC Helix Platform to produce a smart application that can be consumed by end users.

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