BMC Helix Integration Service is a cloud-based solution that enables you to design and automate event-driven tasks across applications. You can connect multiple applications in a single flow, and configure the flow to accomplish a task or a set of tasks required for achieving your business goal.

You can integrate applications running in the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both. If a particular connector does not exist, or an existing connector does not meet your specific business requirements, you can build it from scratch or customize it to fit your needs.

The BMC Helix Integration Service product set includes the following components:

  • BMC Helix Integration Studio to configure connectors and design flows
  • BMC Helix Connector Designer to develop, build, and deploy custom connectors
  • Integration Controller to connect with the applications or services that run on-premises

BMC Helix Integration Studio

Use BMC Helix Integration Studio to design and manage flows that automatically perform an action in an application based on an event that occurs in another application. You also use it to configure connectors (which define the connection between applications), to control access, and to view analytics about usage in a dashboard. 

For more information about flows, see Designing and maintaining flows.

For more information about configuring connectors, see Configuring connectors. BMC Helix Integration Studio includes the out-of the-box connectors that are available by default. To see the full list of such connectors, go to Out-of-the-box connectors.

BMC Helix Connector Designer

Use the development environment, BMC Helix Connector Designer, on your local machine to create, build, and deploy custom connectors. If you need to build advanced connectors, you might also need access to a local integrated development environment (IDE), such as Eclipse.

For more information about BMC Helix Connector Designer and a high-level connector development overview, watch the following video:


For more information about developing custom connectors, see Developing connectors.

Integration Controller

Integration Controller runs connectors to execute flows and perform actions that involve other applications and services that run on-premises within your data center. For instructions on how to deploy it, see Installing and setting up the connector development environment.

The following illustration shows how Integration Controller interacts with on-premises applications and the BMC Helix Integration Service cloud:

Integration Controller safely and securely communicates with the BMC Helix Integration Service cloud by establishing an outbound connection to the cloud on port 61600. The connection from Integration Controller to the BMC Helix Integration Service cloud is encrypted via Transport Layer Security (TLS).


The BMC Helix Integration Service cloud does not establish any inbound connection to Integration Controller. You do not need to open any inbound ports in your corporate firewall.

Integration Controller connects to the message queue that runs in the cloud, and receives configuration information and instructions on the actions to be performed. The protocol that runs over this connection is the Open Wire protocol.

For more information about Integration Controller, see Installing and configuring sites to run on-premises connectors.

How BMC Helix Integration Service integrates with other BMC products

Products such as BMC Helix Innovation Studio can utilize BMC Helix Integration Service to create and consume connectors directly within their workflows. The following diagram provides a high-level overview of how you use BMC Helix Innovation Studio and BMC Helix Integration Service to produce a smart application for your end users.

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