Monitoring application usage for business effectiveness by using the Dashboard

The Dashboard in BMC Helix Integration Studio provides a set of reports displayed in graphical representation. Information from the reports can be used to gain a high-level overview of application usage.

The Dashboard is designed mainly for administrative personnel of a company, and is helpful in decision-making. For example, an administrator can see what amount of money and time was saved due to a flow run, and make a conclusion about the necessity of a flow. Accordingly, data from the reports can be used for adjustment of business processes. 

Any type of user can access and view the Dashboard:

  • End users can access the Dashboard and view Personal reports.
  • Tenant administrators can access the Dashboard and view Personal reports and Company reports.

Structure and presentation

The following illustration shows a Dashboard view for tenant administrators.

  • To see visuals for the entire organization, click Company.
  • To see visuals for just yourself, click Personal.

For each tab, you can perform one of the following actions:

  • Filter flows by clicking the View filter and selecting a specific flow, All Flows, or Deleted Flows.
  • View flows for a defined period of time by clicking the Time Frame filter and choosing from one of the following periods: Last 30 Days, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months, or Last 1 Year


You can also click a specific color to filter the view by the corresponding flow. To remove the filters in the view, click the color again.

Additionally, you can choose from one of four visual types of data representation:


The following metrics are applied to all flows in BMC Helix Integration Studio:

  • Money Saved (USD)—Shows how much money was saved per flow run in USD (default is 5).
  • Risk Averted—Shows how many risk points were reduced per flow run (defaults to -1).
  • Satisfaction—Shows satisfaction points achieved per flow run (defaults to 5).
  • Time Saved (min)—Shows the number of minutes saved per flow run (default is 10).

Unless metric values were explicitly set while adding a flow or updating a flow, the default values are used.

Additionally, users can define custom metrics.


Metric values are calculated and reflected in the Dashboard upon flow run.

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