Key concepts

Familiarizing yourself with the following key concepts will help you use BMC Helix Integration Service more effectively:


A connector is an integration with a BMC or third-party application, such as BMC Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM), Atlassian JIRA, and Slack. Each connector supports a certain number of triggers, actions, or both.


A flow is a connection between two connectors that lets you accomplish a certain task. Each flow has a source application and a target application. A triggering event in the source application (see trigger) will cause an action to take place in the target application (see action). For example, you can set up a flow between JIRA and your email so that if a new high-priority task is created in JIRA, an email is automatically sent out to the designated support team.

  • You can use the Dashboard to look up visual data about existing flows.


A trigger is an event that takes place in the source application of a flow. It acts as the precondition for a related action to be executed in the target application.


An action is an event that takes place in the target application of a flow due to a related trigger firing in the source application.


A user is a person or entity authorized to access BMC Integration Service. A user can be an administrator (Admin) or a non-admin user (End user).


A site lets you access on-premises applications that are running on your local machine or on a server in your organization's data center.

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