The installation utility is unable to perform directory-related functions on Windows platforms

On Windows platforms, the installation utility can not

  • create a temporary directory during a multiple CD installation
  • access directory paths with the Browse buttons
  • create an installable image
  • create the product installation directory during a local installation causing the installation utility to stop responding

These problems result from POSIX not being installed or enabled on the computer where you want to install products. The installation utility uses the POSIX subsystem on Windows computers to perform directory-related commands. To see if POSIX is enabled, check the following registry key: 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager/Subsystems 

If the following entries are not present, then POSIX is disabled: 

Optional: REG_MULTI_SZ : Os2 Posix... Posix: REG_EXPAND_SZ : %SystemRoot%\system32\psxss.exe

To fix the problem

Install or enable POSIX on the computer where you want to install products. If POSIX can not be enabled for security reasons, create an installable image on a POSIX-enabled Windows computer or on a UNIX computer, then use that image to install products on the computer that does not have POSIX enabled.

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