Product installation directory for UNIX computers

 When you install products or create an installable image, you will need to provide the name of a directory into which the products that you select will be installed. The installation utility provides a default directory that you can use, or you can enter a new directory.


  • You cannot enter a root directory as the product installation directory for BMC products, because if you uninstall products from that directory, you may unintentionally uninstall products other than BMC products. If you need to install into a root directory to install a product upgrade, you can create an installable image and specify the root directory as the installation directory for the products in the image; however, if you need to uninstall the products from the root directory, do not use the uninstall-all.ctl file to perform the uninstallation.
  • Product installation directories are stored in installation utility history files as full path names; therefore, do not rename the product installation directory after you install products. If you do so, the installation utility will be unable to find the renamed directory when you to uninstall products.

By default, the installation utility uses /opt/bmc as the product installation directory. When you install products, the installation utility creates a subdirectory in the product installation directory for each product that you install. It also creates the following additional subdirectories that store information required by the installation utility:

  • Install/insthist—Stores files that contain installation utility history information, such as which products you installed during a particular installation session
  • itoolsStores utilities that may be used by the products that you install
  • Uninstall/Install/instbaseStores the Perl binaries and the Perl HTTP server code; Perl is used by installation utility to install products
  • Uninstall/Install/instbinStores the installation engine binaries and installation tools such as ctltool
  • Uninstall/Install/instcommonStores the xml files that are used to format and display the standard installation utility pages
  • Uninstall/Install/instdataStores default text files that control the order of the list of products that you can select to install and the order in which the products are installed, and that list the operating systems that are recognized by the installation utility

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