Preparing to install BMC products on Windows computers

Complete the following tasks before you install BMC products on computers running Windows operating systems:

  • Close all open applications on the computer where you are running the installation utility.
  • Disable all pop-up blocker software on your computer.
  • Ensure that you have the supported web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer).
  • Stop all applications and services that are related to BMC PATROL.
  • Close the Windows Services MMC snap-in.
  • Log on using an account that has local administrator rights.
  • Map all drives that you will use during the installation.
  • If you are installing on a computer that is running Windows 2000 Terminal Services, Windows NT Terminal Server Edition, or Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services, make sure that the change.exe file exists in the Windows\System32 directory. The installation utility uses this file to change the installation mode on computers running these services.
    If the file does not exist, you must either copy the file from another Terminal Services or Terminal Server computer, or launch the installation utility from the Add/Remove Programs utility and use the -no_change_exe command line option. For more details, see Command line options.
  • If you are installing products on a backup domain controller (BDC) without first installing to the primary domain controller (PDC) in a single domain, you must perform the following procedure before you install the products.

    1. From the User Manager for Domains, create a default account.
    2. Assign the required advanced user rights to the default account.
    3. Synchronize the entire domain. This process updates all the BDCs in the domain with the updated user account database.
      After you have completed this procedure, you can install products on a BDC using the account that you created.


    Installing on a backup domain controller applies only to Windows NT 4.0 environments.

Where to go from here

Start the Installation Utility.

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