Preparing to install BMC products on UNIX computers

Complete the following tasks before you install to computers running UNIX operating systems:

  • Disable all pop-up blocker software on your computer.
  • Ensure that you have the supported web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer).
  • For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0, install Libnsl.
    yum install libnsl-2.28-42.el8
  • Log on using the account that you used to install other PATROL products.
  • Set the umask setting to 022.
  • Map all drives that you will use during the installation.
  • Set the DISPLAY environment variable as follows so that the GUI interface will be displayed properly on your system:
    • For csh users, set your display variable to point to the DISPLAY terminal by typing the following command: 

      setenv DISPLAY myworkstation:0.0
    • For sh users, set your display variable by typing the following command: 

      DISPLAY=myworkstation:0.0; export DISPLAY
    • For ksh users, set your display variable by typing the following command: 

      export DISPLAY=myhostname:0.0
  • Disable any profiles that affect the login and root accounts. The installation and root accounts should have a "clean" login meaning that the login should be free of any special processing before a shell prompt is displayed.
  • Make sure you have write permissions for the $HOME and $HOME/BMCINSTALL directories.


The installation utility supports only Bourne shells. A Korn shell, C shell, or Bash shell is acceptable, but these shell types are not supported and, on rare occasions, may cause intermittent issues during the installation; for example, the installation utility may be unable to access the root account to perform the installation. Installing from the root account causes issues with the operation of the utility. BMC recommends that you install from an account other than root.

Where to go from here

Run the installation utility on a UNIX computer.

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