Installable image files and directories for Windows computers

The installable image consists of the following files and directories. You will use or refer to these files and directories when you launch the installation utility from an installable image.

  • install.exe—Run this executable from a command line to install the products in the image on the computer where the image is located.
  • *.ctl —This extension designates the control file that stores the installation and product configuration information that you enter in the installation utility when you create an installable image. The installation engine uses the information stored in the control file to install the products in the location and with the configuration that you specify.
  • *.log—When the installation is complete, log files are created in the user's profile directory under Application Data\BMCinstall unless you use one of the command line options listed in Installable image command line options for Windows to redirect the files to a new location.

The installation utility uses information stored in the following directories to install the image.

  • Products—This directory contains subdirectories that store the product files needed by the installation utility to install the products that are part of the image.
  • Install—This directory contains two subdirectories: instbin, which stores the installation engine binaries and installation tools such as ctltool, and instdata, which stores the default text files that control the order in which the products are installed and that lists the operating systems that are recognized by the installation utility.

If you selected the option to compress and save the image to a .zip file, you will see the following files:

  •—This file contains the compressed installable image directories and files.
  • cizip.exe—Run this executable from a command line to extract the installable image files.
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