The display cannot be opened

The display cannot be opened so the installation utility interface cannot be displayed.



Your computer does not have permission to open the requested X11 display.

Type the following command in the OS login window to permit displays on your terminal: xhost +your-hostname

Your DISPLAY environment variable is not set or is improperly set.

For details on setting the DISPLAY environment variable, see Preparing to install BMC products on UNIX computers .

There is a configuration setting that prohibits the display of graphics or remote interfaces.

See To fix The problem.

There is a problem with the Firefox installation.

See To fix The problem.

To fix the problem

Perform one of the following tasks:

  • Exit the current installation session and restart the installation utility using the -serveronly command line option to start the Perl HTTP server. To connect to the server, on another computer, open Firefox or Internet Explorer and in the browser enter the URL returned by the setup command. For more details on the -serveronly option, see Command line options.
  • Leave the current installation session running. On the same computer, launch Firefox and enter the following URL: 
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