Performing a multiple CD installation

Some products may require using multiple CDs to install all their associated components.

To perform a multiple CD installation, you must provide a temporary storage location on your computer. You enter this location in the Temporary space for copying external components page in the installation utility. You need to provide only a directory location (for example, C:\temp for Windows or /tmp for UNIX). If the directory that you enter does not exist, the installation utility will attempt to create it.


When you select the products that you want to install, the installation utility displays the approximate disk space required to complete the installation. When you perform a multiple CD installation, you must also make sure that the temporary directory that you specify has adequate disk space to make a copy of all the components required by the product.

Enter the name of the directory and click Next. The installation utility

  • creates the temporary directory, if necessary
  • creates a directory within the temporary directory called bmc_install_temp_space
  • begins to copy the files required for the product installation from the current CD image.

A progress bar is displayed on the installation utility page while this process is running. After the directories have been created and the files copied from the first product CD, the installation utility displays the Additional CDs Needed page. On the Additional CDs Needed page, you will be asked to load each of the required product CDs in sequence. Insert each CD and click Next to copy the files to the temporary directory. After the files have been copied from each of the required CDs, you will be asked to place the original CD back in the CD-ROM drive. The installation utility copies the required pieces from each CD to the temporary space that you designate and combines all the files for the installation.


On UNIX systems, you cannot eject removable media while the media is being accessed; therefore, if your installation requires multiple product images and you are using removable media, from a command line, cd to / then launch the installation utility by specifying the absolute path; for example, /mnt/cdrom/

After the installation is complete, the installation utility removes the copied files and the temporary directory if it was created by the installation utility during this installation. If you selected an existing directory as the temporary space to store the product files, then the installation utility removes only the copied files and the bmc_install_temp_space directory.


If the installation does not complete successfully, the installation utility will display the Multi-CD Temporary Area page after the Installation Results page and give you the option to save the product files in the temporary directory or have the installation utility remove the files and the directory. If you choose to save the files, you will not be asked to copy the product files again when you restart the installation.

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