This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Roles and permissions

In BMC Helix Innovation Suite, a role provides specific permissions to a user. Typical roles in BMC Helix Innovation Suite include administrator, application business analyst, and developer. 

In deployable applications, access permissions are based on roles. As an administrator, you can define the roles for an application and then associate them with groups.

By assigning roles, it is easy to install deployable applications on multiple servers. You can assign users to groups and then associate the groups with roles. This process enables you to install an application on servers that have different groups without redefining the application's object permissions for each server.

The following table lists the roles used to access the deployable applications:

Type of rolesDescription
  • Creates and manages users and user access permissions.
  • Deploys codeless applications or libraries in tailoring, test, or production environments.
  • Addresses the personal data protection and privacy requirements associated with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Sets the foundation data and load bulk foundation data.
  • Provides licenses to users.
  • Enables access to reports.
  • Integrates applications with the Approval library.
  • Configures applications and services such as Cognitive Service, connectors, and chatbot.
  • Submits user-reported issues to BMC Support.
  • Creates bundle projects, defines core definitions for the bundles, and creates additional custom application code.
  • Builds code-based applications and libraries.
  • Runs automated tests of the application code by using the development tools.
  • Leverages BMC Helix Innovation Studio to build definitions that can be used by the applications and libraries.
  • Uses Java, JavaScript, Angular JS, HTML, or CSS to extend the BMC Helix Innovation Studio framework.
Application Business Analyst
  • Tailors applications and libraries, to which they have access so that they are custom suited to specific needs.
  • Defines any process automation required to improve the quality of services delivered to the stakeholders.
  • Configures and customizes applications by using visual designers without writing any code. 
Alert AdministratorManages alerts in the user alerts list.
AR Definition Administrator

Allows read access to the AR System metadata forms. The AR Definition Administrator can also modify definitions through configurations.

Archive Administrator

Configures and manages the archive policies. The Archive Administrator performs the following tasks:

  • Accesses the AR System Archive Manager console

  • Enables and disables system-wide archiving

  • Enables and disables individual archive policies

  • Runs an on-demand archive process

  • Exports and deletes archival data

Email Engine AdministratorConfigures the incoming and outgoing mailboxes to work with the mail server and manages email templates.
Home Page AdministratorSpecifies the default home page for a server and configures the AR System Customizable Home Page.
Licensing AdministratorConfigures and manages the system, user, and application licenses.
Logging AdministratorConfigures and manages the system logs.
Reporting AdministratorDefines who has access to view a report. Views and manages the reports shared by all users.
User Administrator

Adds and deletes users in the AR System server, manages user permissions and preferences.

The administrator has all the rights defined for the preceding roles. To simplify, user access is usually described in terms of group permissions. For the deployable applications that use role permissions, the user access is ultimately determined by the groups that are mapped to the roles. For more information, see Creating and mapping roles.

To understand the goals for these roles and the capabilities provided by BMC Helix Innovation Suite to each role, see User goals and features.

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