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Flow panel holders for Progressive Web Applications

A Flow panel holder is available when you enable a Progressive view for your form. For more information, see Progressive web application screens.

The Flow panel holder supports the properties required to enable a progressive view. Use a Flow Panel holder for aligning fields on a form. You can also group the fields to ensure correct alignment of fields on a form. This panel does not have a panel header, and supports Container panel holder (Default), Sub Panel holder, and Section Panel holder types.

The following video (4:52) demonstrates creating Fixed panels in Developer Studio when you enable progressive views for a form:

The following video (13:03) demonstrates creating complex layouts with flow panels:

Panel arrangement sequence

The panels are arranged in the following sequence or hierarchy:
Flow Panel holder > Container Panel Holder > Container Panel> Sub Panel Holder > Sub Panel > Section Panel Holder > Section Panel > Section Panel Holder > Section Panel > fields

  • A progressive view can hold only a Container type Flow panel holder and a Fixed panel holder. 
  • By default, a Flow panel holder has one panel as a child panel.
  • You can change the read-only property type of any panel only when you change the property type of Flow panel holder.

Container Flow panel holder

  • By default, a Container type Flow panel is added to a Flow panel holder.
  • You can delete a Container Flow panel only if you remove all progressive views.
  • A Container Flow panel holder can have one or more Sub panels. 

Section Flow panel holder

  • You can add a Section Flow panel holder only under a Sub panel or Section panel. 
  • A Section panel can either have a Section type Flow panel holder or non-panel fields.
  • The Section Flow panel holder added by framework contains only Section panel as children. 

Sub panel holder

The Sub panel holder behaves as a Section panel on the desktop client. However, it is displayed as a tab on a mobile client.

  • You can add a sub panel holder only under the container panel.
  • A sub panel holder can have one or more sub panels.

For more information about developing PWA, see Developing Progressive Web Applications.

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