This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Developing an API program

You can use Action Request System APIs to develop applications that integrate with Service Management applications. To develop an API program, you must be familiar with AR System and its overall architecture. You must be proficient in C programming and familiar with arrays, pointers, structure types, and allocated memory.

Additionally, you must also know:

  • The operating system in your environment 
  • The client/server applications and plug-ins
  • The XML import and export functions


Understand the REST API and use the AR System API for integration.

When to use API programming

Learn how AR Systemderives a client request codeset from the locale information in ARControlStruct.

How AR System derives a codeset in an API program
Use the REST API to integrate forms with a third-party application.Integrating AR System forms with a third-party application by using the REST API

Get details about the AR System C API.

AR System C API overview
Install, link, and compile C API programs.AR System C API installation and compilation requirements

Review the most common elements and functions of AR System C API key data structures.

Data structures

Use C API functions to perform operations on AR System objects.

AR System C API functions

Use AR System C API programs to initialize and shut down the system and perform other tasks.

Creating and executing AR System C API programs
Solve problems with your API program by using logging and the driver program.Debugging API programs

Learn about the AR System C plug-in application programming interface (API) functions and data structures.

AR System plug-in API functions and data structures

Transform AR System objects into the XML format and XML back into AR System objects.

XML transformation routines
Use the ARGetListEntryWithMultiSchemaFields function to perform dynamic joins, which retrieve entries from multiple forms at run time.Retrieving entries from multiple forms

Learn about the Java API files installed with AR System, understand the programming model, and see some sample code.

AR System Java API overview

Monitor the API calls between an AR System server and its clients.

Monitoring API calls
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