This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Defining workflow to automate processes

This section discusses the three AR System workflow objects: active links, filters, and escalations. By using workflow, you can define a set of processes to enforce business rules such as approval and service level requirements, tracking defects or assets, and so on. Topics include:


Learn to automate your organization's business processes through workflow objects

Workflow objects

Learn to open multiple editing panels to create or modify the active links, filters, and escalations that you have permission to administer

Workflow editor

As a Developer, understand how workflows associated with a single form are linked to each other. Additionally, understand elements of the workflow Execution Viewer, Form events and side effect events

Viewing workflow with the Workflow Execution Viewer

Understand how shared workflow lets you efficiently build, maintain and troubleshoot versions of forms and applications

Shared workflow

Learn to associate a workflow object with a form, and to select and set the time criteria for an execution

Creating workflow objects

As a Developer, learn to create and modify active link guides and filter guides

Defining guides and guide actions

Understand how the Run If qualification determines whether there are any requests in the database that match the qualification

Building qualifications and expressions

As a Developer, learn to create and modify all types of workflow actions and specific procedures for defining each type of workflow action

Specifying workflow actions

Understand how the window mode loads data into a form

Active link processing

Understand how AR System interacts with the database when you combine the Filter, SQL and API logs

Filter processing

Understand how you can execute an active link through a corresponding toolbar button if an active link is executed from a menu item

Using buttons and menu bar items to execute active links

Understand additional workflow capabilities you can use in AR System 

Workflow extras

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