This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Creating the definitions for a tailorable application

In BMC Helix Innovation Studio, you can create definitions, such as data, user interface, and business logic required for applications by using the various available designers.  

Definitions play an important role in making your application tailorable. By using definitions, you can develop an application that can be customized without coding. After an administrator develops and deploys an application, a user role like an application business analyst can customize the application by modifying definitions of the application by using BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

You must consider the following points when you create definitions for your application:

  • As an administrator, you must decide whether you want to create customizable, non customizable, or extendable definitions in the your applications.
  • Application business analysts can customize the objects developed in their own applications, if the objects are marked as customizable by the developer.


Application business analysts can customize the objects developed in their own applications and that are marked customizable by the developers, but they cannot customize the objects developed in com.bmc.arsys. in Best Practice Customization Mode. For example, objects in core BMC applications like Foundation, Approval, and Assignment cannot be customized in Best Practice Customization Mode. For more information, see Customization layer.

Where to go from here

Use the information in the following table to navigate to the topic relevant to your goal:

Create or modify a record definition for an applicationDefining record definitions to store and manage data
Create or modify a view definition for an applicationDefining the user interface through view definitions
Create or modify a named list for an applicationFacilitating data entry through named lists
Create or modify a process for an applicationDefining the application business logic through processes
Create or modify a rule for an applicationAdding rules to validate data or trigger events in a process
Create a document schema to define communication between two third-party modulesDefining a document schema
Define event definitions to track the events that occur in your applicationDefining event definitions
Define event statistics to set the frequency at which you want to track the event dataDefining event statistics
Understand the Expression Editor available in the View designer, Process designer, and Rule designerExpression Editor
Create or modify a configuration or setting for an applicationCreating configurations for your Digital Service application
Customize the definitions for views, processes, rules, named lists, and associations in your applicationMaking definitions available for customization
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