Creating a new RMGR configuration from a model

If you have multiple stand-alone IMS systems that do not share a RECON, for each IMS system you must create a corresponding separate RMGR and repository that contains the required records, as shown in the following figure.

RMGR configuration for stand-alone IMS systems

To create a new single-RMGR configuration, you can use an existing RMGR configuration as a model. For example, after testing RMGR on a test system, you might want to install RMGR on a production system and use your tested configuration there. You can clone the existing test repository records and copy and modify the startup JCL to make the test system to work with the production system.

To create a single-RMGR configuration from a model RMGR

  1. Clone existing repository records to a newly created repository by using the JCL in member IRMMODEL of the product sample library.

    This job creates a new repository and new RMGR and IMS environment records that correspond to the new names specified in the job. The job clones the SYSTEM-DEFAULT-PROFILE, which is required in the new repository. It can also clone any other record types to the new repository, based on the keywords you include. For more information, see Cloning a repository.

  2. Create JCL to execute the RMGR started task or batch job:
    1. Create a new member in a JCL library; for the member name, specify the name that you want to use for the new RMGR.
    2. Copy the JCL in member IRMPROC of the product sample library (or copy the startup JCL for an existing RMGR) into the new member.
    3. Specify the name of the SYSIN member to contain the RMGR control statements.
    4. In the new SYSIN member, specify the following items:
      • Data set name of the new RMGR repository

      • IMS ID of the IMS system to be associated with the RMGR

      • Name of the JOBPDS to use when storing created JCL for the IMS system

      For more information, see Managing the RMGR started task or job.

  3. Modify the JCL that starts the IMS control region as follows:
    1. If you are using the recommended single-RMGR configuration, add the following DD statement:


    2. Insert the BMC product load library ahead of RESLIB in the STEPLIB concatenation.
    3. If the CPU authorization password for the BMC product is not located in the BMC product load library, insert the library that contains the product authorization password table in the STEPLIB or BMCPSWD DD concatenation.
  4. Modify and execute the JCL in member IRMREPCK of the product sample library.

    This job uses the repository utility Repair function to correct any pointer errors that might have been created during the process of creating the new repository. For more information, see Checking and repairing the repository.

  5. Start the new RMGR by submitting the new RMGR JCL.
  6. Stop and start the IMS system.

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