Reviewing surveys

If an appropriate survey configuration is applied in the System Settings > Foundation > Survey Configuration, self-service users receive email notification containing links to survey forms they are asked to fill out. Self-service users receive surveys only when a condition is met, such as case is resolved.

The following image shows a sample survey that the end users are asked to complete: 

Survey form

After self-service users complete surveys, Standard Administrators and Standard Masters can view the submitted answers in the System Settings > Foundation > Survey Review.

Perform the following steps to review a survey:

  1. Open the System Settings console.
  2. Select Foundation > Survey Review.
  3. Select a survey from the results table and click Modify.

  4. Review the results in the following fields:

    Max RatingThe sum of the highest possible rated answers defined in the survey configuration
    Surveyed RatingThe sum of the rated answers that the employee entered in the survey form
    Score (%)Score percentage is calculated automatically based on the Max Rating defined in the survey configuration, and Surveyed Rating calculated based on the employee's answers. Score value = (Surveyed Rating * 100) : Max Rating. For example, if Maximum Rating is 10, and the Surveyed Rating submitted by self-service user is 5, then the score is 50%.
    Rating Threshold Percentage (%)This value flags a case when the quality of case completion is considered inappropriate. The rating threshold value is defined in the survey configuration. If the Score % value is less than the Rating Threshold % value, the employee's manager receives a notification if it is configured in survey configuration. For example, if the Rating Threshold Percentage is 60%, and the percentage of scored answers is 50%, the notification is sent.
    Who will receive Surveys?

    The group involved in the survey completion as defined in the survey configuration.

    Requester Email AddressEmail address of the case requester as defined in the Case form.
    On Behalf Email AddressEmail address of On Behalf Of user as defined in the Case form.
    Source Record IDThe unique database identifier of the case as defined in the Case form.
  5. From the Survey Questions table, select a question and review the answer in the Selected Answer table.

  6. Click Close.

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