Notification messages

All HR agents receive notifications about updates in cases and tasks they are assigned to, appointment invites and reminders, and company broadcasts.

The Messages console, which you can access from the Quick Access bar, lists all notification messages that you receive.

To filter messages that are listed in the Messages console, select an option from the Message Types list.

The following table describes messages by types: 

Message typeDescriptionAffects version
All ResultsSummary of updates from all categories4.6 and later
ApprovalsRecords about cases sent to case approvers4.6 and later
Appointment InvitesAppointment invites sent to you4.6 and later
AssignmentsRecords about cases and tasks assigned to you4.6 and later
WatchlistRecords about cases that you added to the watchlist4.6 and later
RemindersReminders that you added, and reminders about the upcoming appointments4.6 and later
SLAsRecords about cases SLAs—available to case assignees4.6 and later
BroadcastsBroadcasts added by other HR agents, visible to all HR agents4.6 and later
Journal Update

Records about cases that have updates in case journal and related tasks journal

Records about cases and tasks that have a new journal entry submitted

Case UpdateRecords about cases that have been updated recently4.7.01
Task UpdateRecords about tasks for which the task status has been recently updated.4.7.01

In the Messages console, you can perform the following tasks:

  • View record details by selecting a message record. The Details panel on the right displays details about the selected record.
  • Dismiss messages that you do not want to be displayed in the list by selecting a message, and click Dismiss.
  • Dismiss all messages available on the Messages tab, and clicking Dismiss All
  • Open records that have been updated recently by selecting a record, and clicking Open.
  • Display the most recent changes by clicking Refresh.
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