Navigating the home page

This topic describes the features available on the home page of BMC HR Case Management and their usage:


The features that are available to you depend on your user role.

When you log in to BMC HR Case Management, the following home page is displayed:

You can access these features from the Quick Access bar available on the BMC HR Case Management home page:

FeatureDescriptionReference topics
Actions menu

By using this menu you can access the following default features:

  • Add Appointment—create an appointment event in your calendar
  • Add Reminder—create a reminder about an event added in the calendar
  • My Calendar—view appointments and reminders in your calendar
  • Add Broadcast—create a company broadcast
  • Add Case—create a case
  • Add Solution—create a solution
  • My History—view history of your operations in BMC HR Case Management
  • My Profile—view and change some details in your profile, such as skills and challenge questions
  • Open Document Library—access HR documents library
  • Reporting Console—view BMC HR Case Management reports
  • System Settings—access and customize system settings
Cases console

It displays cases that are accessible to you.

Processing and managing cases
Tasks console

It displays tasks that are assigned to you.

Monitoring tasks
Messages consoleIt displays notifications about records that have been recently updated.Notification messages
People consoleIt displays user profiles. Managing people records
Solutions consoleIt displays solutions that are by default available after BMC HR Case Management is installed, and all other solutions that have been created by HR agents. Managing solutions
Search console

It displays full text search options for the following records:

  • Cases
  • Journals
  • People
  • Tasks
  • Solution adhoc templates
  • Solution articles
  • Solutions
  • Documents

Running search from the Search console

In each console described in the preceding table, the following options are available:

  • Actions bar—Displays actions available for a selected console 

  • Search bar—Displays search options in a selected console

  • Filter preferences settings—Allows you to customize the display results table

  • Counts bar—Displays number of records returned as a search result in a selected console

  • Search results section—Displays a search results list

  • Summary section—Displays details summary of a record in a selected console

You can search for records by running a simple full text search, or advanced search on the CasesTasksPeople, and Solutions consoles. The advanced search enables you to search for records that are assigned to an individual or a group, created within a time period, that belong to a particular priority, and so on. You can also run simple search from the Search console, manage searches, and set a default search. 


You can find all records in one of these ways:

You can find records by entering a partial search criterion. To return search results, you need to type "%" before a search criterion, and after it. Thus, for example, if you type "compensation" in the search field, the search returns all cases where "compensation", and "compensations" are used.

The following procedures explain how to run simple and advanced search to find records in any of the consoles—Cases, Tasks, People, or Solutions.

  1. In the Search field, type a full text search criterion to find a record by name.
  2. Click Run Search .

  1. To view the advanced search section on a console, click the Search arrow .
  2. Fill out the fields and click Run Search

  1. Click Filter, displayed on the right side of the Search field. 
  2. Select an option from Search ByMy Recent Searches, or My Saved Searches filter categories.

You can save your advanced search query, so that you can later filter your records by selecting your saved search from My Saved Searches category.

  1. Run any advanced search.
  2. Click Save Search.
  3. Complete the Search Label, and click Save 

    The search is saved, and can be accessed in My Saved Searches filter.

You can save the default search that displays each time you open the a selected console.

  1. Run any search.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select Set as Default.
  1. Perform one of the following steps:

    • Click Settings  and select Manage Searches

    • Click Expand Field Search  and select Manage Searches.

  2. Select a search that you want to delete and click Delete.

  1. Run any search.
  2. Click Refresh.

  1. On the BMC HR Case Management home page, click Search tab.
  2. In the Search field, type a search criterion.
  3. Click the Run Search icon. 

  4. (Optional) In the Search For pane, select any menu to review the results by a category.


Each time you search for records in the CasesPeopleTasks, and Solutions consoles, the search results are displayed in a table that by default includes columns, such as Modified Date, Record ID, Status, and so on. These columns are set in the Preferences of each console.

You can modify the Preferences by adding or removing columns that you would like to view.

  1. Open a console you would like to change preferences for.
  2. Click Preferences.

  3. Perform one or more of the following actions to change the preferences:
  • To add a column to search results view, click Add Column and select a column from the drop-down list.

  • To remove a column from the search result view, click Remove Column and select a column from the drop-down list.
  • To set the interval at which the search result view should automatically refresh: 
    1. Select Set Refresh Interval.
    2. Enter a number in the Refresh Interval (minutes) field.
      The default 0 indicates that the table is not automatically updated.

    3. Click OK.

  • To reset the results table columns and refresh interval to the default settings, click Reset.
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