Upgrade BMC HR Case Management to 4.7.01

This section describes the upgrade process of BMC HR Case Management to 4.7.01 and includes the following topics:

You can upgrade BMC HR Case Management from the following versions:

  • 4.7.00
  • 4.6.00


    Upgrade from versions and 4.6 is supported only on Windows OS.

Before you begin

Best Practice

BMC recommends that you back up your system before running the upgrade tool.
  1. You must have BMC Remedy Action Request System Server of one of the following versions:
    • (Recommended)
  2. On the server where BMC Remedy AR System is installed, download the suite installer of BMC HR Case Management version 4.7.01.

Upgrade considerations

  • All cases in Resolved  or Cancelled status, resolved more than 14 days ago before the upgrade, are automatically closed after upgrade
  • All cases in Resolved or Cancelled status, resolved less than 14 days before the upgrade, have the Resolution Date/Time  set to the time of the system upgrade. In 14 days, after the system upgrade, these cases are automatically closed.

To upgrade BMC HR Case Management to 4.7.01

  1. On your BMC Remedy AR System Server, extract all files in the suite installer BMCHRCaseManagement4.7.01.
  2. Navigate to the Disk 1 folder, and run the installer.
  3. On the Introduction step, click  Next .
  4. On the License Agreement step, read the agreement and select  I agree. Click Next.
  5. On the BMC Remedy AR System Server User step, enter credentials of one of the following users: 
    • BMC AR System Server Administrator login name and password—this user has unrestricted access to the organization sensitive data
    • BMC Remedy AR System Struct Admin login name and password—this user does not have access to the organization sensitive and secure data.


    To allow Struct Admin to import content, Struct Admin user must belong to Smart Reporting Admin group. For more details on Struct Admin, see Special groups in BMC Remedy AR System topic in BMC Remedy AR System Server online documentation.

  6. On the notification message about the detected earlier version, click Next .

  7. On the BMC Remedy ITSM integration panel, select whether you want  to integrate with a remote BMC Remedy IT Service Management.

    Integration notes

    • The ITSM panel does not show up if BMC Remedy ITSM is detected on the server where you are installing BMC HR Case Management.
    • If BMC Remedy IT Service Management is detected on the local server, the integration is done automatically.
    • Before integrating with BMC Remedy IT Service Management, ensure that AR Server Distributed license is applied on both BMC Remedy AR System servers.
  8. To integrate with the BMC Remedy ITSM remotely, enter the connection details of the remote server:

    • BMC Remedy AR System Server Administrator login name and password

    • BMC Remedy AR System Server host and port.
  9. On the Overlay Information step, click Next.

  10. On the Installation Preview step, click Install.
  11. After installation is done, click View Log.

  12. Review the installation summary to verify that the upgrade has taken place with no exceptions. Click Done.

Post-upgrade steps

  1. Restart the BMC Remedy AR System Server.
  2. On the BMC Remedy AR System Server, clear the cache.
  3. On the server where Mid Tier is installed, clear the Mid Tier cache.

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