Upgrade BMC HR Case Management to 4.7

This topic describes the upgrade process of BMC HR Case Management from versions 4.6.00 or to version 4.7.

Before you begin

Best Practice

BMC recommends that you back up your system before running the upgrade.
  1. Log in to BMC Remedy Action Request System Server as an Administrator.

  2. On the the URL http://<host>:8080/arsys/forms/<sub_domain_name>/SHARE:Application_Properties.
  3. On the SHARE:Application_Properties form that opens, in Property Value field, ensure the BMC HR Case Management version is If it is 4.6.00, change it to, and save changes.

  4. Install BMC Remedy AR System patch 1 (AR if you have not installed earlier.

  5. On the server where BMC Remedy AR System is installed, download the suit installer of BMC HR Case Management version 4.7.

To upgrade BMC HR Case Management to 4.7

  1. On your BMC Remedy AR System Server, extract all files in the suite installer BMCHRCaseManagement4.7.
  2. Navigate to the  Disk 1  folder and start the installer.
  3. In the Introduction step of wizard, click  Next .
  4. In the License Agreement screen, read the license agreement, and select I agree.
  5. The BMC Remedy AR System Server User inputs screen is displayed:
    • Enter your BMC AR System Server Administrator login name and password, or
    • Use BMC Remedy AR System Struct Admin credentials for upgrade if you do not want the user to have access to your organization's sensitive and secure data after upgrade.


    To allow Struct Admin to import content, Struct Admin user must be a part of Smart Reporting Admin group. For more details on Struct Admin, see Special groups in BMC Remedy AR System topic in BMC Remedy AR System Server online documentation.

  6. The message informing that an earlier version was detected (4.6.00 or and product will be upgraded to 4.7 is displayed. Click Next.

  7. The BMC Remedy ITSM integration panel is displayed. Select whether you want  to integrate with it remotely or not.

    If you select to integrate with the BMC Remedy ITSM remotely, enter the connection details of the remote server:

    • BMC AR System Server Administrator login name and password
    • BMC  AR System Server Administrator host and port


    The ITSM panel does not show up if BMC Remedy ITSM is detected on the server where you are installing BMC HR Case Management. If ITSM is detected, the integration on the local server is done automatically.

  8. The Overlay Information screen is displayed. Carefully read the instructions, and select I agree. Click Next.

  9. In the Installation Preview screen that follows, click Install.
  10. After installation is done, click View Log to verify that the upgrade has taken place with no exceptions.

  11. The installation summary is displayed. Click Done.

Post-upgrade steps

  1. Restart the BMC Remedy AR System Server.
  2. On the BMC Remedy AR System Server, perform flush cache.
  3. On the server where Mid Tier is installed, clear Mid Tier cache.

Where to go from here

Troubleshooting the installation 

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