Managing solutions

Solutions are records in BMC HR Case Management containing information that can be used to resolve cases. Solutions are created by HR agents with Standard Administrator or Standard Master role in BMC HR Case Management. HR agents can also apply solutions to resolve cases from end users.

The following topics describe how HR agents can create and manage solutions by using the BMC HR Case Management console:

Solution types

HR agents can create the following solution types:

Different configuration options are available depending on the solution type. HR agents can modify any solution type at any time by changing the solution status to Draft. They can also delete solutions.

The following table describes the difference between the solution types:

Solution typeAccess typeCan be accessed by self-service users?Can be used for creating a request from BMC MyIT?Can include tasks?Can include questions?
SolutionInternal/ externalYes, if access type is external and status is activeYesYesYes
Ad hoc TemplateInternalNoNoYesNo
ArticleInternal/ externalYes, if access type is external and status is activeNoNoNo


Solution is set of questions intended at self-service users submitting a request, and a set of tasks intended at HR agents working on a case. This solution type contains all necessary information that helps to resolve cases opened in the following way:

  • Manually by HR agents

    HR agent creates an HR case on behalf of employee

  • Automatically—based on requests from employees

    Self-service user creates a request

The main idea behind a solution is that it fully describes how to resolve a case, and includes all necessary tasks to resolve a standard case (automatically).

When solutions are applied to cases, they can be of two types: a primary solution, and secondary solution(s).

  • A primary solution is defined automatically if a case is created from BMC MyIT, or manually by HR agent who selects a solution from the Case Type field in a Case form.
  • Secondary solution(s) can be added to a case by an HR agent working on a case when he realizes that the case is a non-standard case, and it actually combines two or more requests. The HR agent adds a secondary solution to the case to resolve other related requests from an end user.

Ad hoc templates

Ad hoc templates are Draft solutions used internally by HR agents. Ad hoc templates include a set of common and mostly used tasks that need to be completed to resolve cases. Applying a single ad hoc template to a case is usually not enough to resolve it, and ad hoc tasks need to be are additionally added to a case.  

Ad hoc templates can be applied in the following use cases:

  • There is no appropriate solution available. An HR agent creates a case with no solution, and then selects an ad hoc template from the list of tasks. In this use case, an ad hoc template is a set of standard tasks that can be applied to almost any HR case.
  • There is an appropriate solution available, however it cannot not fully resolve a case. An HR agent submits a case based on an appropriate solution, starts the case processing, and adds an ad hoc template containing the necessary additional task flow.

Adhoc temp


Articles are blocks of information for self-service users. Articles cannot be used for resolving cases.

These types of solutions can be used for creating any company policy that can be easily found by self-service users.

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